campbell's culinary trendscape 2016 report

Proper Food’s Leaf Lard a Trendpoint in Campbell’s Culinary Trendscape 2016 Report.

Proper Foods Leaf Lard included as a Trendpoint in the prestigious report Culinary Trendscape 2016.

Each year the team of top global chefs and culinary experts at Campbell’s (Soup’s) Culinary & Baking Institute report on top ten culinary trends in North America. They hone in on the publications, places and products within these trends that excite them the most, making them want to know more about the trend. These are called Trendpoints in the report.

Proper Foods for Life’s Leaf Lard was selected as a Trendpoint and included in their coverage of the Traditional Fats Trend, one of the top ten culinary trends in North America covered in the 2016 report.